What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is Japanese and translates as ‘universal life force energy’. It is a natural method of energy healing, transferred from the universe to the recipient through the hands of the practitioner, who acts as a conductor. This universal life force energy is all around us and is vital to the stars, the planets, the Earth and all living things. The same energy is responsible for opening up the petals of a flower to receive the sunlight and gives a newly conceived foetus its first flicker of a heartbeat.

We each have a natural flow of this energy running through our bodies keeping us alive and healthy. Unfortunately when we experience something we find stressful or traumatic, it can cause our flow of energy to become interrupted, blocking our energy centres known as Chakras. This can leave us physically, mentally and emotionally drained, often leading to unwanted negative feelings of anxiety or depression, aches and pains, illness and in some cases, dis-ease.

While many of us regularly look after our appearance by having a new hairstyle or enjoying a beauty treatment, we may try to eat well and exercise but how often do we take care of our inner selves emotionally or spiritually?

Having a Reiki treatment reconnects us to the wonderful and magical life force energy. It flows through the body gently and lovingly to the source of pain or dis-ease, clearing our chakra system and allowing us to rebalance and heal our own bodies, at our own pace. Negative emotions we have stored in our bodily tissues will be released, promoting wellbeing and vitality, leaving us feeling recharged and replenished.